Day 7: Afternoon

The tribe is, for the most part, quiet as the natives appear to be resting.  As expected, the eldest native was quite hungry, consuming all of her midday sustenance. The younger native awoke with a disagreeable disposition which was quickly modified with the changing of a diaper and some liquid sustenance for her as well.  The eldest native tried to communicate with me as I fed the younger, however, not being a quick study on the language of the natives, I nodded and looked interested.  She in turn responded in kind and continued to speak, loudly, in her native tongue.  The eldest native’s communication often contains squeals and high-pitched noises that cause the wildlife to run from her.

I was able to interact with the eldest native and her wooden puzzles.   It appears that the wildlife will come out if I am in the vicinity, however, they still appear skittish and untrusting with the natives.  The primarily black feline was able to prowl between the eldest native and myself, receiving some attention from her.  Quickly though, the curious feline took cover at higher elevations, to escape the native’s grasp.

Soon I will begin preparing the evening’s sustenance so that when the tribe’s leader returns, we may eat before the hour is late, that is, of course, if the natives let me….


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  1. Posted by Gail Brown on June 6, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    I love this! 🙂


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