Day 7: The Observation Continues…

The eldest native continues to renovate the living space of the tribe to her own liking.  Her attention seems particularly fixed on some wooden puzzles, of which I will not distract.  She appears to be fatigued, perhaps ready for a morning rest?  Could it be?  Should I approach with caution or wait until after her midday sustenance?  The younger native continues to sleep as expected and perhaps will not wake until first o’ the afternoon.  Sounds of activity outside in the vicinity of the tribe prompt me to believe that the weather is perhaps fair; indeed an excursion outside may be in order with the natives at a later point in the day.

Midday approaches and soon the eldest native will require her midday sustenance, which I will provide for her promptly.   Consisting of hot dogs, cheese and veggie chips, she will consume her sustenance and perhaps rest quietly in the afternoon.

It continues to be a quiet day among the tribe.  I expect the afternoon to remain as quiet, however the opportunity may arise whereby the natives may become restless…


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