Day 8: Morning

All is quiet within the tribe at this hour. I tread cautiously as not to wake them because waking them could be a fatal mistake. Having gained the trust of the eldest native in the past week, today I will try to gain a better command of the tribe’s language. There are, apparently, hand motions that coincide with the established language of the natives that I am unfamiliar with. Further, the loud outbursts of joy and frustration often take the place of the eldest native’s words making communication that much more difficult. The wildlife does not respond to the language, though they do retreat at the sound of the eldest native’s squeals. Is there a correlation between the language of the natives and the wildlife? I will have to examine this further to know completely. Perhaps there is another link to the language that I am unaware of.

While the natives rest I will continue my labors and attempt to get my own studies accomplished. It has been a difficult task, particularly when the eldest native is awake and active. Her mobility provides her frequent access to my equipment and studies which prompts me to have to monitor her and them more closely. The hand is indeed quicker than the eye. For now, though, I can continue to work, knowing that in a few short minutes, at any time, the eldest native will awake, eager to start her waking hours.

The tribe is showing signs of higher thinking and creativity. Yesterday, the eldest native appeared completely enthralled with the wooden puzzles that decorated the living space of the tribe. Again, I imagine, the living space of the tribe will be renovated by the eldest native at some point. Perhaps after a closer study of this behavior, I will gain an understanding as to why this takes place daily. Perhaps, or perhaps not…


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