Day 8: Natives and Wildlife

The natives have woken up and are of good disposition.  The younger native appears particularly alert this morning however is not attempting to communicate.  The eldest native has consumed her morning sustenance consisting of indigenous fruit and breakfast food of choice, waffles.  She seemed particularly partial to the blueberries that she consumed in great quantity and speed.  Following the consumption of her sustenance, she has proceeded to renovate the living space of the tribe – again.  On closer inspection, there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the renovation other than being a daily activity.

The eldest native has donned some tribal bead necklaces, which perhaps mean something.  After putting on the tribal accessories she made a loud outburst and beat her chest, perhaps to show her dominance.  What a display!  Will continue to monitor her behavior as the tribal customs continue.

Communicating with the Natives
The first attempt to communicate with the natives this morning proved to be a losing proposition.  It appears that my words, in my own tongue, are falling on deaf ears, or perhaps selective ears.  After admonishing the eldest native multiple times not to renovate the delicate technology of the tribe, I have come to the following conclusion:  the natives do as they damn well please.  Unfortunately, it appears that imparting my own knowledge and authority upon the natives is going to much more difficult than originally thought or planned.  Will make future attempts at communication and share my wisdom with the natives.  Perhaps they will be more receptive to new ideas after the midday sustenance.

The natives appear to be able to communicate with the wildlife, on some level.  At least one of the tribe’s domestic animals has shown some interest in the eldest native, and the native to them.  Perhaps the animal is seeking attention?  The food and water supply of the wildlife is in abundance, eliminating food as a source of their interest in the natives.  The wildlife shows a particular interest in myself, though I’m cautious as to their intentions…


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