Day 8: The Afternoon

Midday has passed and so has the feeding of the eldest native, who refuses to rest.  I continue in my efforts to make some sort of successful communication with her, though I am finding that my understanding of her use of the language is sadly lacking.  Her loud outbursts and chanting prompts me to believe that a large part of her vocabulary is tribal; perhaps getting back to her primal roots.  She has made numerous attempts to reach new heights in the tribal living space, attempts that were quickly thwarted.  She has removed the tribal neckwear and is presenting her toys to the wildlife for their consideration.  The wildlife is not amused.

Currently, the eldest native is exhibiting more carnivorous behavior – I believe she just bit the head off of a tiger and is now consuming his body.  Other animals in danger include a hippopotamus, an elephant and a bear.

The younger native still rests though I expect her to need sustenance soon as well.  Her disposition when she wakes is likely to be disagreeable, so I should prepare myself for her disagreeable nature.  I expect, as usual, a diaper change and some of her liquid sustenance will do well to change her mood.


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