Day 11: Restless Natives….

Since it has been days since I last recorded the behavior of the natives, I will do so now.  The behavior of the natives changes little on a daily basis, however, the intensity of their activity deviates from day to day.  The eldest native exhibits no fear, a trait perhaps that the younger native will adopt as she grows.  I have removed the eldest native several times from the structure that the wildlife inhabits and admonished her to refrain from using the structure as a jungle gym, to no avail.  I have found that with spending some time interacting with the eldest native, her actions appear to be less contrary and are more inline with normal activity.  The eldest native appears to now have all of her teeth and I am careful to not stick my hand anywhere near her food or mouth.

After having extricated the eldest native this last time from the wildlife’s vertical structure, I can only hope that she has learned her lesson in that she trapped herself between it in the media bookcase next to it.  She now appears to be circling like a shark for her midday sustenance, which I shall provide for her momentarily.

The younger native continues to sleep, which is no surprise.  When she wakes, she is usually disagreeable and famished.  Last evening, after seating her in one of the tribe’s smaller chair apparatuses, I observed her falling off to sleep after consuming her evening sustenance, as seen in the photo below.


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