Day 14: A Descent into Madness

After having spent almost two weeks with the natives I’ve been observing, I find myself slipping further and further away from civilization.  There are days that even I cannot stand my own odor due to being in terrible need of bathing.  Not having much communication with the outside world, I find my language beginning to resemble that of the natives that I observe.  Realizing this, I must find frequent opportunities to exercise my own language vocabulary before it exits from me entirely.

However, being part of the tribe is not without its advantages.  Though the tribe may be primitive in their offerings and the opportunity for sustenance is sometimes slim at best, I have been supplied with an abundance of the caffeinated beverage coffee.  If it were not for this wonderful, wonderful beverage, madness would have surely set in by now.  I must ensure that the tribe does not deplete its supply of this magical elixir because I feel that it is all that stands between reality and insanity.

The natives appeared to have rested well through the night, and as a result, the eldest native exhibited an abundance of energy this morning.  After consuming several of the indigenous fruit found in the tribe’s refrigeration system and the breakfast carbohydrates that she requires, she seems to be of even temper and reasonably agreeable to communication attempts.  The younger native received her morning sustenance and is now resting comfortably.  Her mood is generally disagreeable until she has consumed approximately her body weight in formula.  Also, the younger native exhibits belching that often makes the wildlife run for cover.

The eldest native appears to be able to understand some of my language; for instance if I offer her sustenance or question her hunger, she immediately, if not sooner, proceeds to a specified seating apparatus located in the food preparation area.  However, and on the contrary, when admonished to remove herself from higher elevations immediately, if not sooner, I receive a luke warm reception and blank stare.  I think perhaps this may be a language barrier, or to my chagrin, civil disobedience rearing its ugly head.  Whatever the case may be, I will continue to impose my influence on the tribe and its natives.

The younger native does not appear to be able to communicate as yet, however, her needs are simple and can usually be determined based on trial and error.  When both natives are awake and active, the do indeed put me through my paces, causing me to descend deeper and deeper into madness…


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