Day 15: All Quiet on the Western Front…

Last evening I departed from the tribe for but a few minutes on my elliptical exercise apparatus and gained a new perspective on my residence with the natives.  Prior to my departure, the eldest native required bathing, which I took as my responsibility.  The eldest native exhibits much excitement about bathing; however, in performing the bathing ritual, I am unsure who got more of a cleansing, myself or she who I intended to bathe.  We emerged from the bathing basin, soggy and perhaps cleansed of mind and body.

Today, all is quiet on the western front.  The natives seem to be having a respite from their disturbing tribal activities and are actually responded favorably to communication.  The eldest native acquired a paper tube on which was a roll of utility paper perviously.  She has discovered that peering through the hole at the end is similar to that of a more advanced instrument, a telescope.  The tube also doubled as a voice modifier, which she and I both experimented with, to her enjoyment.  Alas, since this paper instrument is merely made of paper, the object having been given to her before her slumbers, and she, the eldest native, retaining the instrument during her rest, the tube is somewhat flattened and has lost its cylindrical shape.

For now, the eldest native appears content with exercising her legs with increased speed in the tribe’s living area.  With this activity comes multiple tumbles, after which, eldest native continues to her original destination.

The younger native appears to be waking after a reasonable rest.  She will no doubt require much in the way of sustenance after her long slumbers.  Perhaps she will be agreeable to a trip away from the tribe.  Perhaps….


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