Day 16: Important Revelations

I have come to some, perhaps not too surprising, revelations about the natives.  Through the sixteen days of observation and interaction with the tribe, there are some reasonably profound conclusions that can be drawn to illustrate the inter-workings of the tribe.

For instance, just because one of the natives, be it the elder or the younger, exhibits signs of fatigue, does not mean that said native is ready for slumbers of any type.  Case in point: last evening, the eldest native had missed frequent opportunities yesterday for a period of rest, however, she managed to forgo any said naps for performing tribal acts of great strength and ability.  Being past the eight o’clock hour, the native was laid down to rest to her slumbers.  Half an hour past the nine o’clock hour she remained quite exuberant and quite contrary to being asleep.  The eldest native remained awake for a short time longer and was laid to her slumbers once again, this time until twilight, at which point, the disagreeable native was awake and quite unruly.  After some time, comforting and some behavior modifications, she returned to her slumbers until the morn’.

Secondly, if one can at all refrain from doing so, do not, under any circumstances, wake the native before they wake themselves.  It seems a particularly profound concept really, however, this morning required that the eldest native rise earlier than she would otherwise naturally wake.  At first, it may seem that normal morning activities might ensue, but alas, the crankiness and civil disobedience of the natives rears its ugly head.  Being generally disagreeable and responding negatively to communication are just some of the traits observed by the premature waking of the natives.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, always feed the natives.  Refraining from feeding the natives may cause more ill-natured behavior and more negative responses to communication.  In some cases, lack of sustenance for the natives may result in danger to wildlife or worse, resorting to cannibalism.  Take heed, my friend, take heed.  Provide ample sustenance for these natives for sure and always maintain your appendages clear of the devouring of their sustenance.  Many a good provider has suffered casualties at the hands of a famished native.

These are but some of the revelations I can speak on in great detail.  There are many others that will come to light in due time. My observations of this tribe in particular lead me to believe that similar behavior may belong to other tribes of the same nature.


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