Day 17: Bananas and Blow Outs

Most of my observations about the tribe have been in regard to the eldest native, who is perhaps, the most interesting and entertaining to watch.  She does command attention, which is indeed the bigger reason why I record more observations about her activity.  However, today, my friends, I will describe a little about the younger native.

The younger native has a hunger that would resemble a small elephant, or perhaps a hippopotamus.  She eats with such vigor as almost to binge during feeding that warrants taking caution.  Today, I provided the morning’s sustenance as prescribed by the tribe’s morning ritual.  However, after placing the younger native, after consuming her sustenance, in the tribe’s automated rotating seating apparatus, she became disagreeable after a short period of time.  Being my responsibility to provide care for the natives, I immediately came to her aid.  Upon procuring the native in my arms, I observed that the native’s backside was damp.  After closer and immediate inspection, I observed that the native had soiled herself, out of the diaper and into the tribal outfit she had been wearing.

Upon cleaning the native, providing a new tribal outfit and propping her up on the tribe’s living area furniture, the younger native expelled all, or most, of what she had consumed prior to the morning’s activity.  I say all due to the fact that this event prompted yet another tribal outfit change.  The younger native, having changed tribal outfits twice and provided with sustenance again and again, was now ready to continue her tribal adventures with the eldest native.

The eldest native began her day waking of her own accord and of a reasonably agreeable nature.  Upon her release from her sleeping quarters into the tribe’s living area, she began to show signs of hunger.  Having seen these signs previously, I proceeded to offer the hungry native sustenance, which she readily agreed to.  The eldest native previously consumed, with great vigor, the remaining blueberries belonging to the tribe.  Being of a resourceful nature, I found another indigenous fruit to the tribe, a banana.  After peeling the banana and presenting some to the eldest native, through the use of sign language, the eldest native communicated that she would indeed like to consume more of said banana.  I will record it here that the eldest native must have primate ancestors and at the very least, primate tendencies.  She consumed the remaining banana that was presented to her with a fury; I can only imagine that the banana, indeed, met her primal needs.  She proceeded to also consume, also with great intensity, some eggs, whisked and cooked on the tribe’s cooking surface.  Indeed, the eldest native eats well.

I am prompted to also draw a connection between her primal desire for the banana to her, seemingly expert, climbing ability.  Once again, I was empowered to remove her from higher elevations, especially when she acquired two wildlife grooming tools that were adjacent to the structure  she had managed to climb.  Admonishing her to refrain from her primal desire to climb, once again, I returned the grooming tools back to their location and proceeded to monitor more closely, the eldest native and her activity.

For now, both natives rest; as well they should.  They have indeed, once again put me through my paces.  However, being of reasonably sound mind, I will maintain my authority with the tribe and its natives so that I remain that way.


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