Day 21: Running with the Wildlilfe…

This morning, the natives exhibited typical behavior, though I am beginning to think that the eldest native has started to exhibit signs of influence from the feline wildlife that inhabit the tribe’s living area.  The wildlife consists of four feline mammals and two caged avian.  I perceive their influence to be decidedly dominant among the natives, particularly the eldest native who tends to show more of her primal roots on a daily basis.

The four felines that inhabit the tribe’s living area are of varying sizes and dispositions.  There appears to be an “alpha cat”, meaning simply a leader among the domestic felines.  He, who is the largest, tends to steer clear of the native.  His strong will for food is justified by his large size and stature.  Next we have a multi-colored feline that appears to have the most influence on the native, due to her close involvement with her.  She is, by age, the eldest of the feline creatures of the tribe and often times battles for dominance with the larger cat.  Finally, we have the two smaller felines that appear to be siblings; they are very different in color and in size, however they show particular affection toward each other.  They keep a watchful distance on the eldest native, occasionally mingling with her and testing her exuberant tendencies.

The two avian species provide little influence on the natives and often just make background noise in the tribe.  They do provide some sport for the felines of the tribe, whereby the two smaller felines have been known to be found on top of the birds living structure.  Today however, both felines and avian show little interest in each other and the native at this point.

The eldest native has been displaying the learned behavior of the felines for some time.  For example, upon request of the eldest native to refrain from, let’s say increasing her elevation in the tribe’s living area, the native displays the following behavior:  a glance in my general direction, slight consideration of what was just proposed to her, another quick thought in regard to what was then proposed and finally the continuance of that which was asked contrary to her then situation.  In my observations of both the wildlife and the natives, I can draw definite conclusions to the native’s behavior and that of the domestic felines in the tribe.  I will continue to observe the relationship between the natives and the domestic creatures of the tribe to determine whether the influence that the felines provide is of necessary concern to the development of the tribe and its natives.


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