Day 22: Tuesday, Wednesday & Higher Thinking

I have been with the tribe now for twenty-two days and I now find need for my own sanity to distinguish the natives by naming them for the purpose of this journal.  The eldest native I shall call Tuesday,  as it was, to the best of my recollection the day of the week following Monday that the natives and I made acquaintance.  The younger native shall be referred to as Wednesday, by similar naming convention, although our meeting occurred also on the day of the week following Monday.  I am hoping that this may encourage communication ‘tween the natives and me so that I can learn more of their tribal customs.

This morning, Tuesday is exhibiting moments of advanced contemplation and examination.  She has presented to me on several occasions literature for me to peruse or interpret aloud for her listening ears.  Not being of the same tongue, I read the literature, aloud in my own language to her.  The literature must be written in another language for the natives to understand because upon being partially through the book, Tuesday abruptly closed the bound juvenile literature and removed it from sight.  Tuesday’s attention span does not appear incredibly extensive; however, on enforcing the need for the eldest native to focus on the task at hand, I have found that Tuesday does in fact possess the ability of higher thinking.

Much of the literature of the tribe appears to be of a rhyming nature; there is literature regarding noses and feet, pollen distributing insects, and more.  The literary works are not extensive in length and display more images than words.  The books are of particular interest to Tuesday, not for their comprehension value alone, but to distribute liberally around the tribal living area.

Tuesday has also on numerous occasions presented objects for my consideration.  Some of these “objects” emit light and sound, which is of particular interest to Tuesday.  Upon inspection some of said object, it does not appear to have a sound monitoring device thus there is no method of decreasing the volume at which the object emits sound neither is there a method of eliminating the light and sound entirely.  Tuesday appears to have several of these objects and migrates between them, as the objects continue to emit noise around her play.

Wednesday has awoken and has received her morning sustenance.  Both of the natives, Tuesday and Wednesday, are exhibiting signs of rhinorrhea, a popular symptom of allergies and the common cold.  Upon noting their affliction, I must distance myself from the natives so that I too do not fall victim to whatever sickness has befallen them.  The wildlife appears unaffected by the sickness of the natives and resumes normal daily activity.


Wednesday, having consumed approximately five to six ounces of her liquid sustenance in one sitting, promptly discharged the same with velocity and distance, completely avoiding her tribal outfit and covering my own clothing, the tribe’s reclining furniture and a tribal rug.  Currently, Wednesday is at rest and appears to be of a much more favorable disposition.


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