Day 23: More Attempts at Communication with the Natives

Another day in the tribe has indeed begun as I search for further methods of communicating with Tuesday and Wednesday.  As my time with the tribe progresses, I find that the natives are responding more favorably to communication and are perhaps even understanding words outside of their native tongue.  Today, I will make further attempts to communicate both orally and by sign language so that the natives can gain an understanding of my own customs and language.

Wednesday appears quite amenable to communication, exhibiting friendly facial gestures and overall happiness.  She appears a bit under the weather with symptoms ranging from rhinorrhea to lack of interest in consuming sustenance.  Today she has maintained all of the sustenance she has consumed unlike yesterday where she achieved both velocity and distance with that of which she expelled.  She is currently resting comfortably and will perhaps remain horizontal until I endeavor to journey out with the natives at a later point in the day.

Tuesday has exhibited signs of communication as well, displaying a form of sign language using her hands and other appendages to display her wants, needs and desires.  She is quite capable of exhibiting signs for more, please and thank you and has made it abundantly clear when she is all done with a specific activity, for example, eating.  Today, Tuesday has displayed, on numerous occasions, a particular stomping ritual, perhaps some sort of rain dance, as I note the sun departing from the skies.  However, I am persuaded that this stomping ritual is merely to communicate her happiness in a somewhat loud and exuberant manner.  Whatever the case may be, happiness or rain dance, Tuesday appears to employ this method of informing tribal visitors, like myself, that she is attempting to communicate.

I must note at this point that Tuesday has been reprimanded on two different occasions for discharging the coffee from its container, spreading it across the table structure and onto the floor of the food preparation area of the tribe.  The first occurrence I will attribute to being an accident;  however, the second occurrence was deliberate pouring of said beverage with the intent to purge the container of its contents.  Alas, that which was purged could not be saved and I am left with obtaining more of my magical energy beverage.  Hereafter, I shall keep this magical elixir high above the hands that would otherwise rob me of being properly caffeinated.

Both natives rest comfortably at the present time.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday had been exhibiting signs of fatigue and unruliness, a particular trait of the overtired natives.  I expect but a brief respite from their tribal activities and will enjoy consuming my hot beverage, in the quiet of the tribe’s living space.


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