Day 24: An Excursion with the Natives

Today I have been afforded the rare opportunity to journey with the natives on an excursion over hills and valleys, through uncharted territory and perhaps meeting other indigenous peoples.  The excursion commenced early, causing Tuesday to rise ahead of her own natural schedule, against my better judgement.  Wednesday appeared particularly amenable to travel as I fastened her into her vehicle safety seating apparatus and packed the necessary provisions for the natives for an indefinite period of time – one can never be too prepared when going on long excursions with natives.

The weather was indeed inclement as the natives and I assembled in the tribe’s mode of transportation.  Before the excursion commenced, I ensured that the both Tuesday and Wednesday were content with their then sustenance status.  I acquired, for Tuesday, a chocolate glazed round breakfast pastry, which she consumed with great vigor.  I also acquired a caffeinated beverage of the largest size available as to ensure my own endurance for the day. As the journey progressed, the weather remained unpleasant which would indeed put a damper on the outside activity of the natives at our destination.

The destination brought us to another tribe; a relation to that of the natives.  These tribal elders were indeed pleased to visit with Tuesday and Wednesday, and they with them.  The tribal elders appeared prepared for Tuesday’s exuberance and activity by providing objects of similar type and size to that which she owned back at the tribal living space.  The tribal elders also provided midday sustenance for myself and the natives, which by high noon, was sorely needed.  They continued to furnish both caffeinated beverages for myself and further sustenance for the natives.  Before our departure, the tribal elders also performed the bathing ritual on Tuesday, who was eager to depart from the tribal elders living space.

Arriving back the tribe’s living area, Tuesday immediately began renovating the tribe’s family living area, dispersing video media, wooden puzzles, plastic shape organizers and more about the living space.  The eldest native, after all that she has consumed thus far today, exhibited signs of hunger, which were satisfied with some processed fruit snacks and natural vegetable sticks.  Indeed she eats with a fury!  Soon she will rest as the younger native does and all will be quiet in the tribe again.


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