Day 25: Climbing the Walls…

My disposition this morning is somewhat disagreeable; last evening’s rest was fair at best, providing me with only but a little energy for today.  Wednesday awoke early and had decided to remain awake rather than returning to her slumbers.  Being that sleeping quarters are tight in the tribe’s living space, Wednesday rests between myself and the tribal leader.  Wednesday, being wide awake and of particular exuberant activity, found it particularly pleasing to exercise her legs forcefully on my torso as I endeavored to sleep, to no avail.  Inevitably, as Murphy would have it, Wednesday fell back to sleep and has continued to slumber while I monitor Tuesday’s behavior, who arose shortly after the tribal leader departed for the day.

The weather outside also continues to be most inclement, providing another factor of my deteriorating disposition.  The natives appear to be responding negatively to the inclemency also, by literally climbing structures, furniture and walls of the tribe’s living space.  Tuesday is focused on getting to the out of doors, perhaps to satisfy another primal need by feeling closer to nature.  While I have not observed her climbing abilities in the wild, I surmise that her skill at climbing would perhaps be improved, if not equal to that of her indoor climbing talents.

A small excursion is planned for midday to visit the tribal leader at her daily occupation.  Here, I surmise, we will all consume our midday sustenance together and perhaps observe other indigenous peoples as they perform their respective duties at their occupations.  Following the short excursion, I expect mandatory rest times to be administered to the young natives to ensure that they do not become unruly and unmanageable.


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