Day 29: Becoming Part of the Tribe

Nearly a month has passed since I originally began observing the natives and their tribe.  I have witnessed tribal bathing rituals, vaccination ceremonies, communicated and interacted with the natives and traveled extensively with the tribe.  I feel that the natives have accepted me into their tribe and I have become one of them, though being an “honorary” member of the tribe, there is, indeed, much more that requires learning.

I have taken notice that my vocabulary and language is beginning to be extremely repetitious on a daily basis and noted the common words and phrases in order of their use here: get down, no movies, get down, stop, don’t do that, get down, stop, no movies, no movies, leave that alone, be nice to the kitty, get down, get down get down.  One can decisively determine that the words and phrases used pertain almost exclusively to Tuesday, the eldest native.  Her lack of response to these words and phrases prompts me to search for other methods of communication with her.  Her climbing skill, particularly, is perhaps the activity that requires most monitoring for it appears that Tuesday has no inherent fear whatsoever.  An alarming trait indeed for a native to exhibit.  The picture below displays both her skill and ability in climbing as well as her lack of fear.

As I noted earlier, the natives, particularly Tuesday, exhibits some cannibalistic tendencies.  Mr. Potato Head’s arm has surfaced, I can only surmise from a dismembering weeks ago, and has been utilized as in instrument of many uses:  as a pointing device to single out smaller objects, as a stirring device to mix several different substances and materials and a teething device to alleviate the pain and discomfort from the emergence of mandibles.  Indeed, poor Mr. Potato Head’s limbs have met an ugly demise.

Yesterday, the natives and I took another excursion to the tribal elders who were pleased to interact with them.  Tuesday, being of increased growth potential, acquired new tribal foot coverings from the tribal elders.  The new foot coverings are appropriate to her size and color preference and appear to be of Tuesday’s approval.


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