Day 31: The Witching Hour(s)

I can be noted that for the past month that I have observed the tribe and it’s natives, that there is indeed a “witching hour”, an hour in which the natives perform demonistic rituals and conduct overall mayhem in the tribal living space.  I can also be noted that communication and interaction with the natives at this time is particularly futile; they seem impervious to attempts to sway them from their chaotic activities.

The “witching hour” tends to fall between the hours of 4 and 5 pm, however, the “witching hour” is not limited, at least in this tribe, to sixty minutes.  On some occasions, it has happened such that the witching hour lasted several hours, causing many a good man to lose his mind to the insanity.  Most occurrences are between the hours of 3 pm and 4 pm however and are explained thus:

There appears to be great activity among the natives when they feel the effects of the witching hour.  Complete mood swings, devastation and destruction are all components of the demonic activity that ensues.  A complete lack and utter disregard of using their listening skills is also apparent and feeds the destruction that the natives cause.  Distractions of any kind are fruitless; during these hours, the natives have but one intent, to cause chaos.  It may seem that such chaos would cause the tribal living area to fall, dilapidated to the earth that supports it, however, all is not lost.  As if controlled by an electrical switch, the madness ends, shortly before or shortly thereafter the tribal leader returns from her daily occupation.

For now, the witching hour is drawing nigh and I must prepare myself for the daily chaos that is to ensue.


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