Day 32: Sticky Fruit Snacks and Nose Rings

A new month has commenced here in the tribe and as I recount the experiences thus far, I can only surmise that there is much that lies undiscovered in the ways of the natives.  Both Tuesday and Wednesday demonstrate to me daily that I indeed exhibit a lack of skill in their native ways and that I am ignorant in their tribal customs.

After having been presented with numerous tribal headdresses, Tuesday desired to cause me to wear a savage ring through my nose, the intent of which is unknown.  I can assume that it is yet another tribal custom for members of the tribe to wear such an accessory.  However, not having my nose pierced in that manner and being ignorant to the intent of the natives by wearing such a device, I quickly retired the ring from Tuesday’s grasp and stowed it away from sight.  Perhaps the natives will forget the item and not persist with a savage piercing ceremony.

While the tribe consumes many indigenous fruits and vegetables, there are some peculiar simulated fruit “snacks” that are of particular interest to Tuesday.  By “particular interest” I refer to an overwhelming desire to consume said fruit snacks that the famished native all but loses her sanity in waiting for them.  Upon receiving the simulated fruit snacks, she proceeds to fill her hands with the sticky snacks and wander about the tribe’s living area, fruit in hand.  One would assume with the impatience she exhibited in waiting for the fruit snacks that they would be consumed immediately.  However, fifteen or twenty minutes following her receiving her fruit, she remains with the sticky substance, still in hand.  After apparently being finished with the sticky snacks, Tuesday presented them to me, eager to proceed into other tribal activities.  I readily received them from her in hopes to immediately dispose of them in the tribe’s waste receptacle.  However, the snacks having been clutched by Tuesday for an undisclosed amount of time and the fruit snacks being sticky previously, the sticky snacks remained stuck to my hand.  Numerous attempts later to remove the snacks from both of my hands, I managed to dispose of all of the sticky snacks.  Henceforth, I will monitor Tuesday, much more closely when she is in possession of those simulated fruit treats.  It is important to note here that Tuesday had little difficulty delivering the sticky snacks to me.  Apparently, I am not skilled in the way of the sticky fruit snack.


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