Day 37: Meeting of the Tribes

I have not made an entry in this journal for days and now feel I must record recent events in tribe’s activity.  As an outsider to the ways of the tribe and its natives, I consider myself to be fortunate to observe the rituals, ceremonies and gatherings of the several tribes and natives that I interacted with.  For the past several days, there has been a “meeting” of the tribes, whereby several tribes have come together for one integrated tribal gathering.  The following is but some of the observations made at said meeting:

The tribal pow wow occurred much further north than where the tribe is located and adjacent to a large body of water.  The structure housing the meeting was simple, yet it appeared to have all of the necessary comforts to ensure happiness of many natives, young and old.  Though the temperature was slightly warmer than usual, it did not appear to affect the natives or their tribal ceremonies and activities.

It is important to note that there were many young natives present at this meeting, particularly two males, of similar age to Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday showed particularly interest and joy in interacting with the older male native and frequently barreled throughout the tribal structure, often leaving a wake of destruction behind them.  The younger male native and Wednesday did not interact much at all and were particularly quiet throughout the tribal pow wow.

Tuesday showed particular interest in the beach area but lacked interest in entering the shallow water area of the large body of water.  She also enjoyed the juvenile exercise equipment located just up a small embankment from the beach.

According to tribal custom, at this pow wow, on the fourth day of the seventh month of the year, at dusk, a display of light and sound illuminates the sky, for which many local natives and tribes attend.  It appears to be a festive occasion, with many natives young and old participating in tribal ceremonies and rituals.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday appeared to enjoy the tribal pow wow, but appeared anxious to return to their own tribal living space.


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