Day 37: The Natives Learn Personal Grooming

After weeks of observing the natives, I have now confirmed that the natives, particularly Tuesday, have learned the art of personal grooming. As most of my observations are first hand in nature, Tuesday eagerly demonstrated her skill and dexterity in wielding a hair grooming instrument on my person.

The observation went thus: whilst providing sustenance for Wednesday, and being of a stationary nature and captive audience, Tuesday acquired her hair grooming instrument. After demonstrating her skill on her own head, she then proceeded to groom the hair upon my own cranium. At first, I praised her for her touch and skill at grooming. A few moments into the grooming ritual, I began to sense the grooming instrument piercing my scalp, or at the very least, causing visible scarring on top of my head. After causing a few more “brushing” strokes across the top of my cranium, she withdrew from her attempt at grooming my hair.

The very attempt at personal grooming is encouraging; it appears that the natives, despite their carnivorous and often cannibalistic tendencies, are not as savage as the have appeared in the weeks of observation. Perhaps, with the headdresses that have been afforded me and this grooming ritual, I am being initiated into the tribe through a series of tribal customs and traditions.

I am in hopes that the natives do not intend on attempting to provide dental hygiene as well.


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