Day 41: The Natives & Advanced Technology

It has become obvious that the natives in this tribe are somewhat interested in advanced technology – particularly digital media and the machines that run them.  This behavior is particularly rare in natives as young as Tuesday and Wednesday, especially in their demonstration of the skill and knowledge required to operate such advanced machinery.

Since Wednesday is of such a young age, Tuesday primarily shows the most interest in the tribe’s technology.  She appears to be quite proficient in pressing levers and buttons which operate the tribe’s media operating machinery.  She does however, lack the knowledge and skill required to press the levers and buttons at appropriate times rather than during the running of the media or perhaps when other tribal members are endeavoring to observe the digital media.  Still, the skill that which she does display proves that higher thinking among the natives is prevailing.

Tuesday also demonstrates a certain skill in operating devices of a telecommunication nature – particularly mobile telephone devices and unwired tribal telephone devices.  Her skill at unlocking the mobile device from its locked state is particularly impressive and her demonstration of its use is impressive as well.  The unwired tribal telephone device is particularly dangerous in the hands of the natives – since there is no locking mechanism to prevent placing telephone calls to distant lands and other indigenous tribes.  Nonetheless, the skill at which Tuesday operates the device is of particular note – prompting me to place the device at a higher location, out of the would-be hands of the natives.  Tuesday is pictured below using one of the telephone devices in the tribal living area.

Tuesday has shown interest in other digital media as well – the mobile computing machine on which this entry is being composed.  She still requires much more skill and proficiency before being capable of operating such an advanced piece of technology, however, her interest in the machine is present.  For now, she attempts to utilize the keyboard of the computing device as a tribal drum set, demonstrating her force and tribal skill.

I continue to observe their progressing skill with technology as the natives become more and more proficient with the devices at their disposal.  Perhaps the will someday master these devices and be required to teach others of their use.


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