Day 42: Status Quo

Everything observed about the tribe today has been uneventful and status quo – much of the same activity and interaction as I have experienced on previous days.  These days I must say, are particularly enjoyable; the routine and schedule of the tribe during the daytime hours is often predictable so that I may take advantage of the calmness of the natives when they are at rest.

Of particular note today, but not completely incredible, was Tuesday offering to share her beverage with me during her play.  Multiple times did she offer her cold beverage, of which was water, and multiple instances I politely refused imploring her to consume her own beverage.  After the flexible straw from the sipping cup that Tuesday was holding penetrated my ear, I, more earnestly, implored her to consume her own beverage and to cease and desist offering it to me, which she proceeded to do with a bit more encouragement.

The mood surrounding the tribe today was indeed calm, a welcome change to the usual chaos that often consumes the tribal living area.  Even with the occasional reprimand of Tuesday using the wildlife’s water source as a foot washing station, attempting to operate the digital media machine by pressing as many levers and buttons to make something happen or attempting to reach the highest ledge of the wildlife’s recreational structure, this day at the tribe’s living abode was quiet and enjoyable.

Tomorrow however, is another day.  Another adventure…


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