Day 43: The Natives Rise Early

For the third consecutive day, the natives have risen earlier than per usual, the reason for which is unknown to me.  The hour at which they have risen daily is slightly before dawn or shortly thereafter.  After retiring myself very late in the evening before, I find it particularly challenging to manage the two natives so early into the morning.  Indeed copious amounts of caffeinated beverages will be required for this day to begin…

Methinks a theory in regard to this strange occurrence could be the warmth of the temperature and thickness of the air surrounding the tribal living abode.  Of late, the temperature has risen to an uncomfortable level outside the tribal living space and the air has become humid with sticky moisture.  This would be a good assumption, however, the tribal living abode is artificially heat diminished by a central automated cooling system.  Still, I assume that the natives respond in some fashion to the changes in temperature outside the living space.  Given the change in the wind patterns and the decrease in temperature outside, I can assume that the day will be cooler and the temperature will be on a much more enjoyable level.

With this strange occurrence comes unusual or uncharacteristic behavior: Tuesday is showing disagreeable signs of unhappiness and displeasure.  It appears that nothing is of particular interest to her as she wanders from room to room, exploring items to perhaps cause mischief with.  She exhibits rubbing of the eyes, which has been proven to be an indicative sign of fatigue.  I must be careful however to not mistake this sign for rubbing of the nose, which is an entirely different sign, indicating something entirely different.  I imagine providing Tuesday with sustenance at midday will improve her mood and perhaps facilitate her fatigue.

Wednesday is at rest currently, as is normal for her.  During her waking hours she is developing the skill to remain more vertical than horizontal and to hold her head upright.  Noting this new-found skill, I assembled the circular exercise apparatus for her to manipulate as her motor skills develop.  Tuesday is beginning to show signs of her acceptance by interacting with her while she is in the exercise apparatus.  Featured below is Tuesday and Wednesday in the situation previously described.

I expect my observations to become more interesting in nature as the natives begin to interact with each other.  Perhaps their interaction will give me a better idea of what to expect in the future from these two natives.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Linnette on July 13, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    So enjoy your posts, Jeff. I am a faithful reader! Adorable, entertaining girls and sounds like they keep you busy!


  2. Posted by Lois Taylor on July 13, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    wow, interaction begins!!!


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