Day 44: The Natives Attempt to Hoodwink Me

Perhaps with the natives’ new found ability to interact, they have determined a method of communication that enables them to conspire against me.  My latest attempt at interaction with the natives has prompted their first attempt at hoodwinking me, perhaps to disable my view from observing their activity.  The hoodwinking attempt went thus:

Whilst providing sustenance for a seemingly rather famished Wednesday, Tuesday, being free to roam the tribal living space at will, decided to use one of her multiple security blankets to cover my head, I assume so that I my vision would be disabled from viewing her mischievous activity.  Said blanket was primarily green, but consisted of multiple colors and patterns.  It being square and fifteen inches across, it failed to disrupt my vision entirely.  To ensure that the hoodwink was securely on my head, Tuesday patted it, in much the same manner that one would pet a domestic animal.  She being somewhat pleased with her work, she proceeded to jump up and down on the tribe’s living area furniture, for which I quickly reprimanded her. Being occupied at the moment with the provision of sustenance for Wednesday, it took several moments for me to remove the would-be hoodwink from my head.  Upon its removal, Tuesday immediately sought to return the hoodwink to its previous location.  After a few rounds of this behavior, she soon lost interest, perhaps seeing the futility of her plan.

This attempt to hoodwink me prompts me to revise my thinking about the natives.  Are they not as primitive as I previously thought?  They tend to exhibit moments of uncanny resourcefulness, traits not seen in natives of this age or intellect.  Do they maintain the ability to converse between themselves?  Is there some secret native tongue I am not aware of that they use to conspire against me?  Will our dashing hero prevail against such dastardly villains…oops…. wrong blog.  Once again I will continue to observe the tribe carefully to ensure that the natives do not get the upper hand in the tribe.


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