Day 44: The Natives Explore Using Found Objects

The eldest native, Tuesday, is exhibiting signs of curiosity, particularly with objects found in the tribe’s living area.  As fortune would have it, the majority of said exploration primarily involves me or my head and objects, particularly hard in nature.  The experience I will now describe occurred thus:

Whilst providing sustenance for Wednesday, once again, Tuesday discovered a small wooden toy instrument of which particularly caught her attention.  Upon her examination of said object, she proceeded to approach me where I was seated with Wednesday.  The behavior that ensued is of particular note and, while the experience was particularly unenjoyable, it could have produced more unfavorable results.  Tuesday began probing my ears with the instrument, featured below, as well as attempting to force my eyeglass spectacles off my face.  I believe that she did try to groom my hair with the instrument, but it being smooth on its surface, she was unable to produce any results that were of satisfaction to her.  This continued for several minutes, as I waited for the instrument to descend to my head, with force.  Fortunately for me, this did not happen.

Tuesday withdrew from her instrument exploration on my head and continued to use the instrument like a drumstick, perhaps to create some tribal chant.  This chant lasted but moments but I am positive that she will at some point exhibit this behavior again.

As for the instrument, after she discarded it, I obscured it from view so that the curious native does not attempt to explore the instrument on my head or other tribal members heads more forcibly.


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