Day 49: Recent Behavioral Developments

Several days ago, the tribe journeyed north, once again, for a short excursion to the same tribal abode that the natives visited several weeks ago.  The weather being favorable for such an excursion, it appeared to be advantageous for the tribe to make the journey.  Once again, it provided me with an opportunity to observe rare behavior, in a different environment.  The following are just some of the observations made during the time period.

Because the tribal abode is located a short distance from a large body of water, the tribe’s leader determined that it would be beneficial for the natives to experience the sandy beach setting and perhaps some recreational water activity as well.  In preparation for this little shoreline excursion, Tuesday was slathered with a cream to prevent ultraviolet ray burns and  I remembered to acquire some recreational objects for the natives, particularly Tuesday, to manipulate in the sand of the beach.  With all the necessary accoutrements Tuesday and I proceeded to the shore of the large body of water.

Once there, I realized that the beach and shore of large body of water was too heavily populated by other natives and tribes for us to claim a spot near the water.  I selected an area, further up on the beach, away from the tribal activity of other natives who appeared to be frolicking in and out of the large body of water.  What strange behavior and sights to behold!  Tuesday appeared quite unsure of all of the other natives and their activity.  I began unpacking the recreational objects to maintain Tuesday’s interest.  At first, it appeared that Tuesday did not know what to make of the recreational objects or how to use them.  I began a crude and rudimentary demonstration of their use and, after a short trial and error period, Tuesday seemed to have acquired the skill needed to use the objects.  She is pictured below using the recreational objects.

A short period of time later, owing to the temperature of the beach area and the general area as well, we proceeded back to the tribe’s abode to gain cover from the ultraviolet rays and to cool off.  Later that evening, Tuesday acquired a rigid, corrugated paper structure, which being of the right particular size, she immediately climbed into.  This structure appeared to be the right size for her as she remained in it for several moments.  Perhaps it may have seemed like a small vehicle for her, or a safe place to remain.  After the event was well documented, Tuesday climbed out of the structure.  She would climb back in again, only to get stuck and tumble over into a wood burning structure.  The structure at that point was discarded and remained so until the tribe departed from the tribal abode.  Tuesday is pictured below in the structure.

Today, Tuesday is roaming around the tribe’s living area using a blanket as a cloak – perhaps there is some significance to this.  Pictured below, she maintains this “cloak” throughout the living area.  The temperature in the tribe’s living space is comfortable, ruling out the use of such a cloak for temperature reasons.  Perhaps it is to show her status in the tribe, perhaps as an elder sibling?  I will monitor her actions more closely and observe how this cloak becomes of use to the young native….


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