Day 55: The Natives Visit a Tribal Oasis

After a brief journaling hiatus, I will begin recording the behavior of the natives during that time.  Much of the same behavior has been exhibited by the natives over the past week including Tuesday climbing into Wednesday’s circular exercise apparatus repeatedly, a trip to the tribal elders’ home and its oasis and multiple excursions to gain provisions for the tribe.  During these events, similar behavior was observed by the natives, though I am beginning to see advanced behavior from Wednesday and Tuesday is broadening her vocabulary.

I will begin with my observations about Wednesday: as the weeks have passed, Wednesday appears to be growing at a rapid pace, both in size and in development.  She is beginning to outweigh the wildlife in size, though she is still quite immobile.  Her ability to hold her head up and push up when laying prostrated is quite good, which prompts me to believe that her mobilization is not far away.  Her expressions when interacting with her are progressing as well.  When something particularly excites her mirth, she emits a high-pitched squeal, similar to that of a pot-bellied swine, and perhaps causes canines in the area to seek cover from the high-pitched noise.  She appears quite chatty and demonstrates much of the same behavior as her tribal sister, Tuesday.  Below is a picture of Wednesday during an observation period with her.

Tuesday’s behavior is very much status quo.  Though with the development of her tribal sister’s abilities, she has found new and slightly more interesting methods  of causing mischief in the tribal living space.  The circular exercise apparatus, as previously described and pictured, is an apparatus designed for smaller natives who do not possess the ability to stand unassisted and to keep them entertained at an early age.  Wednesday meeting those requirements, has begun to spend some of her waking hours in said apparatus.  Tuesday, recognizing that this apparatus used to be hers, has made numerous attempts to climb into said apparatus, some even successfully.  Tuesday is indeed much to small for the circular exercise apparatus, though she still endeavors to use it to her satisfaction.

Saturday, with the tribal leader home from her daily occupation, prompted an excursion to the tribal elders’ abode.  Upon arriving at the tribal elders’ abode, the natives and we discovered that the tribal elders were making use of a man-made oasis for recreational swimming and cooling.  Other natives related to Tuesday and Wednesday were already enjoying the refreshment of the oasis.  Tuesday being of a curious nature, was very interested in playing in the oasis with the slightly older and rambunctious natives, however her fear of the water in the oasis kept her from entering it immediately.  After some mild coaxing and encouragement, Tuesday joined the other natives in the oasis and had a splendid afternoon.  Wednesday, being too small for the oasis remained in the company of the tribal elders.  It is important to note that once Tuesday was in the oasis, she was determined not to get out.  After some strong admonishment, she was changed into dry clothing and the oasis was drained, much to her dismay. Tuesday is pictured below in the oasis.

Tuesday’s vocabulary appears to be broadening; she has now begun using salutations for leaving as well as arriving.  For example, for months, Tuesday’s vocabulary consisted mainly of the salutation “hi”, which was adequate for arriving, leaving and the response for when she has been caught in a precarious situation.  Just recently she has begun to say “bubye” upon leaving a place and will repeat it loudly and waving to all within earshot.  It appears that she is trying to respond to “her masses” and to all as to announce that she is leaving.  Methinks that she has the misconception that the earth that we walk upon revolves around her.

Another week is upon me with the natives.  With the recently developments in the behavior of the natives, I can only imagine that this week will yield even more interesting events….


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