Day 56: Madder Than a Wet Hen

Until this point, the natives have not succeeded in causing my anger to be aroused. However, this morning, whilst providing sustenance for Tuesday, the very thing occurred. One can assume that there was indeed a beverage that was spilt involved as well as expensive electronic devices. The following is the sequence of events leading to the cause of my fury:

After seating Tuesday in her adjustable booster seat in the tribe’s food preparation area, I began to prepare providing her morning’s sustenance, consisting of a breakfast pastry in the form of a waffle and yogurt. I remembered to remove objects that might be of particular interest to her from her range of motion, save for the electronic device I am currently using to record this entry, which had a long removable wire which at this particular moment was attached to a tribal power source. I must have underestimated Tuesday’s range of motion because upon turning my backside to attend to her breakfast sustenance, she must have reached for the removable wire connected to the electronic device.

This apparently set-off a chain reaction.

My caffeinated beverage that was neatly placed on the inside of the removable wire tipped, and, it being a full cup of that magical elixir, spilt all over the immediate area. Objects in the immediate area included several important documents and monetary items, this electronic device, my mobile telecommunications device and a wireless device for use with this electronic device.

After a reasonably quick reprimand of Tuesday, I hurriedly began to first get the electronics out of the spilt beverage that was now on the chair cushion and food preparation area floor. One by one, each device was checked for its operational status, to which there were no casualties.

I continued to provide sustenance for Tuesday, reminding her most firmly that she should never attempt to acquire anything that is not hers, especially caffeinated beverages that are hot in nature. She responded as I expected, with a pouting bottom lip; displeased with my manner and tone. Perhaps my message got through to the curious native. She has since displayed agreeable behavior in the tribal living space, a trend that I hope will continue into the afternoon.


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