Day 59: The Natives Exhibit Ingenuity

During my observations over the nearly past two months, I have determined that the natives have possessed the ability to learn and be resourceful.  They, Tuesday in particular, make quick use of the objects in their environment to suit their primitive desires and activities.  Of late the skill of the eldest native appears to be developing at an exponential rate; the range of activity and skill that she possesses boggles the mind.  The following is an account of her latest exploit involving a small folding seat and the furniture within the tribal living space.

The event occurred yesterday during the 11 o’clock hour in the morning.  The tribal leader had obtained small folding seats, appropriate for the natives with feminine prints on both.  This particular seat featured popular young female royalty, which is an interest of the eldest native.  As usual, Tuesday exhibited difficulty unfolding the seat and brought it to my attention for assistance.  Seeing no unfavorable consequences as a result of her request, I unfolded the seat and locked it into position.  Tuesday readily sat down in the seat, which was placed on the floor of the tribal living space.

I proceeded to continue with my work in the food preparation area of the tribe.  A period of time passed and all was quiet – too quiet.  Seeing this as a sign of mischievous behavior, I checked on the resourceful native to check her status.  I then found her as seen in the photos below.  Please note that Tuesday moved the folding seat to the larger and more cushioned tribal chair and climbed into said folding chair all under her own power.  What skill!  After documenting the event, I promptly removed her from the tribal chair, folding chair and all, and placed her onto the floor of the tribal living space, with not so much as an acknowledgement from Tuesday that she was even touched.  Again, I proceeded back to my work in the food preparation area.

What happened next was the particular accident that I was trying to avoid.  Suddenly I heard a loud thud as though a particular native had moved the folding chair back to the tribal chair and had fallen out of both onto the floor.  Upon promptly investigating the noise, my assumptions were confirmed.  Tuesday had put the folding chair back into the larger tribal chair and had apparently been seated until she fell, head first, to the floor.  The folding chair was still unfolded and was on top of her, apparently still attached to her backside.  Being disagreeable and quite unhappy, Tuesday was picked up off the tribal living space floor and placed in the large tribal chair, to examine her injury.  As for the small folding chair, it was decommissioned and promptly folded and placed out of the native’s reach.  Tuesday appeared to be uninjured, but shaken up from the accident.

This event prompted me to consider the resourcefulness of the natives and to investigate their ingenuity further.  True, it seems, that the natives require much closer supervision and cannot be left to their own devices, though but a room away.


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