Day 63: Tuesday The Equestrian, Escape Artist

It has been over two months of observation for me and the natives and they have exhibited a variety of activities, demonstrated various customs and provided me with a deeper insight into their tribal culture.  Today, I have witnessed the eldest native demonstrating her skill and exuberance in riding the equine species of animal.

Tuesday shows great interest in riding the equine species and demonstrates her skill in forcing the domestic animal to go faster.  Kicking her heels into its midsection and clutching the handles to rock the animal more vigorously, she causes the animal to move faster and faster, to her great excitement and pleasure.  This behavior is unusual in so young a native, however, she displays the skill required to ride such an animal with ease.  Her exuberance often lasts but minutes, to pick up where she left off at a later point in time.  Below is Tuesday pictured on the domestic animal, demonstrating her great equestrian skills.

In like form, last evening, Tuesday proved yet again how developed her climbing skills are by escaping the confines of her crib.  The tribal leader and I found the disagreeable native at one hour past twilight, trapped by her own devices under a growth chart and a portable sleeping enclosure which had been placed out of her reach prior to her escape.  Upon releasing the native from her snared state, she appeared quite awake and not fatigued in the least.  After several attempts to calm Tuesday down and prepare her for sleep that she should be experiencing already, the tribal leader placed Tuesday back in her crib, contrary to the wide awake native’s desires.

Shortly thereafter, the native fell asleep again, this time for the remainder of the night.  As for myself and the tribal leader, we remained awake for up to an hour following the event with Tuesday.


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