Day 64: Natives Are Restless and The Great Disposable Wipe Incident

Today has been particularly restless for the natives in the tribe.  They have exhibited signs of fatigue, yet are unwilling to give into the weariness that plagues them.  For now, Tuesday has been resting comfortably with the hope that it will continue for a few moments longer.  Wednesday, on the contrary, continues to remain awake as well as consuming quantities of sustenance that surpass the appetite of her older sibling.

Wednesday’s development has increased, perhaps threefold, over the past month here at the tribe.  Her rapid growth is staggering; perhaps even greater than that of Tuesday, who was well advanced from the average growth of a native her age and size.  Beginning early this morning, Wednesday consumed one eight ounce container of liquid sustenance in a period of fifteen or twenty minutes, a record still held by her older sibling of ten ounces in an equal period of time.  Still, her rapid consumption prompted me to believe that she was indeed famished, though to observe her size and stature, one can quickly determine that she is not malnourished in the least.  I attempted to place her in a different room in the tribal abode, in hopes to encourage a substantial rest for the young native.  Alas, not more than an hour hence, she awoke, eager to consume more of the liquid sustenance and with a considerably full disposable undergarment.  After changing the soiled undergarment, I once again began feeding the now disagreeable native.  Once again, after consuming little of the container of sustenance, I placed her down for more rest.  This behavior continued until just recently where she seemed to finally give in to the fatigue that has now consumed her.

During the events that I have just described in detail and while Wednesday spent time in the circular exercise apparatus, Tuesday appeared quite entertained by the programs on the electronic media box.  Curious about the interaction of the natives whilst not in the same vicinity, I retreated to the food preparation area to observe the natives from a distance.  After seeing little interaction between the two young natives, I began my work in the food preparation area.  A period of time passed and all was indeed too quiet.  Peering into the tribal living area from the food preparation area, I did not immediately observe Tuesday’s whereabouts.  Wednesday was content where I had left her, in the circular exercise apparatus.  Upon entering the tribal living area, I found Tuesday.

Tuesday had apparently taken interest in the box containing the disposable wipes and was proceeding to remove them, one by one.  With about twenty in one hand and the other removing the wipes from the container, she appeared quite amused and surprised that I had caught her in the act.  Upon removing the wipes from her hand and gathering the others scattered about the tribal furniture, she immediately escaped my grasp and continued her play, this time with objects she is permitted to use.  I quickly packed the disposable wipes back into their container and sealed it so that the wipes remain moist.  Thus ended the Great Disposable Wipe Incident.

I am beginning to hear waking noises emitting from Tuesday’s resting area, signaling that the eldest native is indeed ready to continue play in the tribal abode.  This will no doubt constitute a snack(s) and heightened activity in the tribal living area.  I will keep a watchful eye over the disposable wipe container to ensure that there is not another incident.


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