Day 69: Sickness Strikes the Tribe

As observation continues with the tribe and its natives, I am beginning to observe signs of sickness throughout the tribe.  Last week, the tribe’s leader refrained from departing to her daily occupation due to a sickness that had stricken her.  The tribal leader has since overcome the sickness and is departed to her occupation today.  However, not without repercussions.  The natives seem to be exhibiting similar signs of sickness today, signs that perhaps may cause them to display disagreeable behavior.

Tuesday appears to be of normal disposition and behavior though her rhinorrhea appears to be affecting her activities within the tribal living space.  Her appetite appears to have diminished, another sign that the sickness has taken a foothold.  Fatigue seems to be a common theme with this sickness, especially with Tuesday whereby she tends to rub her eyes frequently and displays behavior consistent with fatigue symptoms.  She rested, but briefly, and now continues her activity with the youngest native, Wednesday.

Wednesday appears to be more congested than Tuesday; evidence of which is displayed when listening to the native breathe.  Her appetite appears unaffected by the sickness that is apparently running rampant in the tribe.  She continues to emit high-pitched squeals, consistent with her usual behavior.  Her sleeping pattern appears to be usual as well, having slept most of the morning, and is now awake and in the tribal living space with Tuesday.

I, on the contrary, have not been stricken with this sickness – yet.  I maintain a safe distance from the natives as possible as I too do not want to fall victim to the sickness that has plagued the tribe.


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