Day 70: A Very Early Morning

The two young natives continue to exhibit signs of sickness whilst I try to refrain from catching the nastiness.  Tuesday retired for the evening reasonably early, though sounds could be heard from her in her crib coughing from the effects of rhinorrhea.  Wednesday grew increasingly disagreeable as the evening progressed, causing great concern for myself and the tribe’s leader.

Wednesday, being of such a young age, is ineligible to receive many of the medicinal remedies for rhinorrhea and other afflictions.  In fact, due to her young age, Tuesday is also ineligible, though she appears to be tolerating the affliction rather well.  Wednesday, on the other hand, did not.

The time was now two hours and fifteen minutes past twilight.

After numerous tries to get the disagreeable and uncomfortable native to a state of manageability, the tribal leader and I tried to determine causes for the youngest native’s distress.  It was determined that hunger was not an  issue at the time, but that part of the problem was of a flatulent nature.  Numerous attempts later to encourage the escape of flatulence or other uncomfortable gases, the native was still disagreeable.  We then determined that perhaps the emergence of teeth is causing her discomfort, which was also aptly treated.  Whilst it provided some relief for Wednesday, it was merely fleeting.  Soon she was as disagreeable  as she was originally found to be.  Other medicinal remedies were attempted, yet none appeared to provide the relief the native so desperately needed.

The time was now four hours and thirty minutes past twilight.

Finally, determining that by now the disagreeable native should be displaying signs of hunger, I attempted to feed her.  Moments later, with bottle in mouth, Wednesday gave in to her fatigue.  Finally!  The sun would soon rise, so off to slumbers I went.

Currently both natives remain asleep.  I expect more of the same symptoms to be exhibited by them today.  Perhaps this affliction will depart before the weekend…


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