Day 72: Sickness Continues to Plague The Tribe

Not much has evolved here in the tribe as of late – the natives still continue to exhibit signs of rhinorrhea and other symptoms that suggest sickness.  I too have fallen victim to the sickness that has ravaged the tribe – which is partly the cause of so few journal entries of late.  The weather outside the tribal abode is fair, and rather pleasant, a pattern I hope will continue into the forseeable future.

The natives are showing signs of overcoming the sickness that they have succumbed to, however the still remain under the weather.  As for me, I have maintained as far a distance from them as possible, without jeopardizing the observations I have conducted with the intent to not fall victim to this affliction.  Alas, my efforts were in vain as I too have symptoms such as sore throat, an abundance of mucus, aches, pains and overall fatigue.  I am in hopes that this affliction will not remain with me long; I have plans in the upcoming days to use my elliptical exercise apparatus for an extended journey for charitable purposes.

For now, all remains quiet in the tribal abode as both natives are resting.  Perhaps I too shall take advantage of the quiet and regain some of my energy that has been depleted.


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