Day 76: Tuesday Attempts to Adorn the Wildlife with Tribal Beads

Natives interacting with the wildlife is always interesting to observe, particularly when Tuesday is attempting to dress the wildlife in tribal beads, as is the case this afternoon.  Fortunately for her, the feline she had chosen to be the participant in her makeshift fashion show, whom I shall call Sheva, was particularly agreeable to the activity.

The beads themselves are of particular interest to Tuesday; numerous attempts today have been made to adorn myself with the brightly colored tribal beads, usually whilst providing sustenance for Wednesday, captive to her mischievous intentions.  Not being present in the tribal living area at the time of the adornment, otherwise I would have been the subject of her attention, I came upon the “feline fashion show” with some disbelief.  Such a rarity for the wildlife to remain still enough for such an event to occur!  Sheva maintained wearing the tribal beads until the loosely fitting necklace fell off, prompting Tuesday to attire her again with the beads.

No further attempts have been made presently to attire myself or the wildlife with more tribal beads.  The wildlife remain on watch….


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