Day 78: The Natives Exhibit Skills of Biblical Proportions

Throughout my observations of the natives and their primitive ways, I have maintained an objective outlook on the capabilities of Tuesday and Wednesday.  As each day of observation passes, they demonstrate new and impressive skills that suggest that the natives are not quite as primitive as I have perceived them to be.  Such is the case this morning as Tuesday demonstrates her ability to assemble objects in a seemingly random manner.

The objects in question are small plastic replicas of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark.  What remains particularly impressive about her play with these objects is not the fact that she removed each object, or plastic animal, from the representation of the Ark; moreover, it is the fact that each animal was aligned to the edge of a piece of tribal living space furniture, as if set to leap from its top.  The animals totaling twenty in all, were all placed together in a group, perhaps simulating the biblical story of Noah gathering each pair of animals and driving them into the Ark.  Tuesday seemed very content with her masterpiece; allowing the animals to remain untouched for several moments.  She event attempted to wear the plastic representation of the Ark like a headdress, perhaps as a display of her magnificent skill.

Soon, however, the inevitable happened.  In one swift motion, all of the animals she had so neatly placed on the chest were wiped across the room, perhaps simulating the wrath of God.  This behavior leads me to believe that the natives are civilized in some semblance of the word and perhaps are capable of advanced skills.  This behavior also leads me to believe that Tuesday’s wrath may be equal to that of the Gods.  Perhaps she is developing a God-complex.  This behavior shall be monitored closely so that her actions do not get out of hand.

Wednesday continues to exhibit a hunger that is quite insatiable.  Her diet is primarily liquid in nature, however it appears that more substantial sustenance may be necessary to keep this native agreeable.  For now, she rests, however I am discerning sounds emitting from her resting quarters that resemble the waking noises of the young native.


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