Day 79: Viewing Preferences of the Natives

Many of my observations have included momentary events in the daily activities of the natives, however today I shall record an entry with regard to ongoing research that I have been conducting since my time with them.  Of the many usual daily activities, their attention to the electronic media box and the programs it provides is perhaps the most telling of their varied interests.  The following highlights their viewing preferences:

The electronic media box provides a variety of programs that intended to both entertain and educate young natives.   Of particular note, is an hour long program that employs the use of puppets and people to entertain and teach the young native viewers.  This program is perhaps Tuesday’s favorite.  Her attention to the puppets and the particular lessons they are attempting to teach is completely focused;  She has a particular regard for a specific red colored puppet that speaks in a high pitched voice.  Whilst their is ample seating the tribal living area, Tuesday will stand for the duration of this program, mesmerized by the content on the electronic media box.

Other programs preferred by Tuesday on the electronic media box feature a cartoon monkey that exhibits both curious and mischievous behavior, a girl with superpowers and an extensive vocabulary that masquerades as a heroine to save her city from bumbling villains and a blue dog that employs the use of clues to communicate.  I am beginning to observe the affects of these programs on Tuesday as her reasoning skills and vocabulary develop.

However, in the meantime, she still exhibits behavior that is contrary to the rules set forth for the natives in the tribal living area.  She employs the use of her listening skills sparingly; often must I repeat requests for her to cease a certain behavior or to move in a certain direction.  It appears that though she may be learning a multitude of knowledge from the electronic media box, she marches to the beat of her own tribal drum.


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