Day 80: The Natives Demonstrate How the Cookies Crumble

Of late, the natives are exhibiting contrary behavior, perhaps even purposefully. This behavior is nearly impossible to control, and is much less tolerable. Methinks the natives are staging some sort of uprising; perhaps a revolt against the current administration. After repeated attempts to reprimand the natives, particularly Tuesday, for their/her misbehavior and disagreeable nature, she/they still persist in their contrary design.

Of particular note this morning, Tuesday, being disagreeable and contrary, and ignoring repeated requests to return to the tribal living area, resorted to acquiring objects within the food preparation area, to entertain her curiosity. Being conscious to her intentions, I followed her rampage through the food preparation area to prod her into the tribal living area, which was already renovated – to the extreme.

On not being content with the objects with which to amuse herself with in the tribal living area, she returned to the food preparation area, repeating her previous behavior by removing objects from the communal eating surface.

Her gaze and attention fell upon a plastic container of oatmeal raisin cookies.

Very neatly and displaying determination in her glance at me, she removed the container of cookies from the surface, and proceeded to make haste with them into the tribal living area. Before she could make her escape, I caught up to the disagreeable and contrary native, but not before she discarded the stolen goods with force.

The force with which Tuesday discarded the container is both impressive and frightening. While the container and its contents remained intact, the cookies within the container may have suffered some disintegration. Indeed, it is the way that the cookie crumbles.

Tuesday has since found other activities and objects to entertain her curiosity, albeit objects within the tribal living area. I hope this behavior passes soon; I am certain that the tribal abode and its inhabitants cannot withstand long periods of behavior of this magnitude.


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