Day 83: The Natives Employ the Use of Animal Fur

As each moment of time passes in the observation of the natives and their habits, I find myself increasingly surprised at the unusual customs of these primitive folk.  Often, I believe that the capabilities and understanding of the natives is underestimated; or, perhaps their learning capabilities are increasing exponentially.  Whatever the case may be, these natives exhibit much ingenuity, and perhaps some advanced thinking.  Today’s episode with the natives features the eldest native, Tuesday, and her use of animal fur as a means of clothing.

The picture below shows Tuesday adorned with her animal pelt of choice – a raccoon.  After securing the animal about her neck and shoulders, the rambunctious native began parading about the tribal living area, perhaps to display her new accessory.  She began circumambulating the communal eating surface proudly with her adornment, without intention of removing said adornment.  Upon interrupting her circumambulation, she removed the animal fur, perhaps achieving all of the enjoyment she desired to endure with her new-found clothing accessory.  What a rare glimpse into the culture and customs of the natives!  Perhaps this adornment of animal fur suggests that the natives sense the changing of the seasons?  Perhaps even at such a young age, the natives of this tribe are preparing for the cold winds of fall and winter?  More observation is imperative; I must continue to observe the changes in the natives’ behavior as the seasons come and go.

Also of note: whilst Tuesday employed the use of this particular animal fur, she has not attempted to capture the feline wildlife in the tribal abode for similar purposes.  Perhaps it is only a matter of time before the feline wildlife will become part of the attire for the young natives…


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