Day 86: Signs That a Hurricane Has Already Passed Through

According to recent weather predictions and reports, it appears that there is an increased opportunity for some inclement, and perhaps disastrous weather in the vicinity of the tribe.  Predictions and current weather conditions suggest that the path of tropical cyclone should reach the tribe by Sunday, a mere three days away.  Current conditions within the tribal abode suggest that the disastrous weather has already passed through, perhaps in the form of a rambunctious native.

Seen in the picture below is the destruction that lays in the wake of Hurricane Tuesday – objects large and small scattered about the tribal living area as though a gale storm had passed through.  The damage does not appear to be severe; and no wildlife were injuriously affected by the native’s whirlwind nature.  What remains, like after all dangerous and inclement weather, is an extensive cleanup.

As can be seen in the aftermath of the native’s wrath is a farm with livestock, which apparently weathered the storm safely.  Other objects of note included the biblical Noah’s Ark, which apparently suffered some damage during the native cyclone.  It is unknown yet if and how many of the animals survived the wicked whirlwind that ensued, however, I imagine a head count will be taken at some juncture to determine this.   Power was not lost to the tribal abode during Hurricane Tuesday however all remains dark and quiet in the tribal living space as the skies appear to be precipitating still.

With more inclement and disastrous weather predicted in the coming days, I shall continue to make preparations for myself and the natives to weather the storm.  Methinks, however, that the effects of the tropical cyclone will indeed be felt inside the tribal abode, as well as out as the inclemency forces the tribe and its natives to remain indoors.


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