Day 92: The Natives Exhibit Strange Facial Expressions

Until now, the natives have used vocal expression and physical gestures to display their desires and needs.  This evening, however, the natives have begun to exhibit a different kind of expression by using their faces.  The facial expression is actually a combination of the use of appendages and facial features, however, the overall result is the metamorphosis of the native’s facial structure.

Shown in the photo below is Tuesday displaying her new facial expression.  Whilst I am unsure as to the meaning or significance of such a facial display, I am positive that the native’s intent was to demonstrate her ability to exhibit such an expression.  Perhaps, she was displaying her distorted expression to the electronic media box, mimicking a particular character or program being displayed.  Perhaps her intent was display how large her teeth are, to intimidate whomever she was observing at that moment.  Whatever the intent, it lasted but moments, and I quickly recorded and noted the native’s facial metamorphosis for future reference.

Even the youngest native, Wednesday, shown below, is displaying signs of a similar facial distortion, though not to the degree of Tuesday’s display.  The fingers of the youngest native are almost completely concealed inside her mouth.  Perhaps this has significance among the native’s of this tribe.  Methinks that the natives display such facial expression to communicate, perhaps a form of sign language.  I will have to observe this behavior further to determine the significance of these strange facial expressions.


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