Day 92: The Tribe Survives the Hurricane, Another Visit to the Medicine Man & Tuesday the Equestion Rides Again, Sort of…

Three months have transpired since I have begun my observations of the tribe and its natives.  I have grown to understand the natives, their mentality and perhaps many of their tribal customs.  However, I feel that I have indeed much more to learn.  The tribe appeared to weather the hurricane well; very little damage was done outside the tribal abode and the wreckage inside the tribal living area appears mild.  While the water was precipitating down from the skies, the ceiling over the electronic food cooking machine was leaking terribly.  Once the rain subsided, the leakage did also.  It appears that the cause of the leak must be investigated more closely.

The storm clouds have vanished and nothing but fair weather surrounds the tribe.  Yesterday, Wednesday had yet another visit to the tribe’s medicine man for regular observation and routine vaccinations.  It appears that the medicine man was quite pleased with Wednesday’s progress weighing in at over nineteen pounds and measuring over twenty-six inches long.  Indeed, the young native is growing quite well.  Following the vaccinations, the young native was quite disagreeable and hungry, consuming nearly sixteen ounces of liquid sustenance in one sitting.  Today we shall experiment with feeding the young native some more solid sustenance….

Over the past several days, Tuesday has exhibited her usual rambunctious behavior.  The weekend provided her with multiple opportunities to exercise her legs as well as my ability to keep up with her.  Tuesday has grown particularly found of the canine species of animal, of which the tribe has none.  Tuesday also observed some tribal service canines this past weekend, yet with all of her exuberance and interest in the species, appeared afraid to touch said canine.  Perhaps it was because the canines of which she observed were larger than she.  Perhaps she merely preferred observing the species from a distance.  Nonetheless, her obsession with these domestic animals has not subsided.  Pictures of her from the weekend are seen below.  The blurred display of the photograph is a testament to the speed at which she moved.

Today, Tuesday has attempted to display her equestrian abilities and skills, however, to her dismay, her trusty steed appears to have other ideas.  The picture below shows Tuesday caught between the legs of the horse, perhaps unable to move.  Here she did remain before I was requested to extricate her from her predicament.  Once free, she repeated the activity, however, this time removing herself from tangled legs of her trusty steed.  The horse currently resides on its side, perhaps exhausted from the rambunctious native’s antics.



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