Day 93: Wednesday’s Attempts at Consuming Solid Foods

The youngest native of the tribe, Wednesday, has exclusively consumed liquid sustenance since my observation of the tribe began over three months ago.  It appears that as the young native has grown, she is perhaps ready for more solid sustenance.  Prior to today’s feeding, my attempts to dispense solid food to Wednesday have proved unsuccessful.  However, after observing the tribal leader’s attempt last night, I have been encouraged to try again, and thus, the results of today’s feeding.

After seating Wednesday in the appropriate seating apparatus, I prepared her for today’s feeding attempt.  Fixing a small drop cloth around her neck and head, I covered her shoulders and front, anticipating a messy endeavor.  Next I mixed some dry flakes with water to create a mashed potato type mixture, which is apparently a good concoction to satisfy natives of this age and size.  To that mixture, I opened a small container of a soft fruit substance, in this instance, peaches.  Mixing the two substances together thoroughly, I acquired a serving utensil of the correct size for young natives.  Thus, the feeding began.

The first attempt of supplying Wednesday with the fruit substance proved unsuccessful for as quickly as the sustenance was delivered to her mouth, it returned back out, refused by the young native.  Insistently, I scooped the refused substance off the native’s face, which had begun to run down her many chins and again delivered it to her mouth.  Success!  Most of the substance provided to her with this attempt appeared to be consumed.  Thus, the process of feeding the native continued until the moment of truth arrived.

Wednesday enjoys consuming peaches.

Before long, my attempt to feed the hungry native solid sustenance from a serving utensil was no longer the difficult task of this endeavor.  Now, the challenge that presented itself was supplying the native with the fruit substance at a rate she was agreeable to.  Indeed, once the native determined that the substance I was providing her was palatable, she required it at a rate comparable to the speed at which sharks consume their victims.  At last, the native had finished the fruit and had consumed most of the mashed potato substance.  What speed and quantity this young native consumes sustenance at!  Perhaps more solid type sustenance shall be provided for her and more regularly.

For now the young native rests.  Soon, however, she will rise and be famished again. Perhaps we shall try sweet potatoes next….


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  1. Posted by LOIS on September 2, 2011 at 10:02 am

    Sharks & victims? Really? Considering the end of this story YOU’LL be the victim if u don’t shovel it in fast enough!! Really like the illustrative pics at the end of your notes Mr. Brown! Adds emphasis!


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