Day 94: Once Bitten…

It has occurred to me on this and many other occasions that the natives still do not possess enough knowledge with regard to consuming sustenance.  Whilst their skills and abilities are indeed keen, they do lack the reasoning ability to determine that which is consumable and that which is not.  The event which I shall now describe is a standard example of the behavior I recently noted.

After a brief excursion to dine with the tribal leader at her place of employment, the natives and I returned to the tribal living abode.  Whilst on said excursion, the tribal leader acquired two indigenous vegetables, apparently cultivated from another tribe’s oasis.  These vegetables are gourd-like, a pale yellow in hue and were cut from a vine of good size and strength.  The tribal leader implored me to take them back to the tribal abode, to be consumed by the tribe at some juncture, I assume.  However, the eldest native, Tuesday, had other plans for the gourd-like vegetable.

Upon returning to the tribal abode and assembling the natives back in the tribal living area, I set the satchel with all of the provisions that the natives may require whilst out on an excursion, down on the tribal living space furniture.  Wednesday was requiring my immediate attention, thus I left Tuesday to her own devices.  Apparently, this was a mistake.

After tending to Wednesdays needs, I returned to the tribal living area to investigate the activities and whereabouts of Tuesday.  I found her toddling around the living space, as per usual, however, it appeared that she was attempting to consume something, for her mouth was full.  Containing her in a small area, I examined her mouth to determine what the young native was attempting to consume.  Small pieces, seemingly of a plant-like substance were in her mouth, the origin of which had me completely perplexed. What had Tuesday discovered and where did she acquire it from?  Making a full sweep of her mouth, I extricated all pieces of said substance, not knowing its origin or type.

That’s when it donned on me and that’s when I found the newly acquired vegetables.

Seen below are the bite marks from Tuesday as she attempted to consume the indigenous vegetables raw.  My observation of plant-like material was partially correct; it was the chewed up remainder of the stem from which the gourd was removed from the vine.  Upon finding the vegetables, I removed them to a place of higher elevation, out of the reach of an apparently hungry native.

Following the episode, usual behavior resumed.  It appears that the native was not affected by her attack on the vegetable or its effects on her.  Still, I have determined a need to educate the young natives on edible portions of sustenance and that which is not.


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