Day 98: The Natives Demonstrate Farming

I have become increasingly impressed with the thought processes and abilities of the natives to demonstrate basic concepts of civilization.  The latest attempt at exhibiting civilized activities is Tuesday’s display of organized animal raising.  Shown below, this display demonstrates the concept of cultivation of domestic animals by the use of small replicas to simulate civilized farming.

While the use of animals to simulate civilized thinking and activity is not uncommon among the natives of this tribe, the demonstration of organized farming is.  Tuesday shows great interest in animals, particular canine in nature, however, her amusement in animals of a bovine and equine nature is equally impressive.  When questioned as to the species and type of animal of a bovine nature, Tuesday responds appropriately with a syllable rhyming with “ow”.  In a similar line of questioning, when asked about the sound that a bovine animal makes, she responds with “Mooooo”.  It appears that she has not mastered the name and sounds of the equine species of domestic animal, however, she has demonstrated great skill and ability in her attempts to ride the animal.

Other animals featured in the farm display include swine, fowl, sheep and goats.  Tuesday shows less interest in animals of the swine and fowl nature, perhaps due to their small size, being less impressive to the small native.  The animals appear to be placed in such an arrangement as to suggest a race, perhaps a starting line.  The chicken, shown below, appears to be well ahead of the remainder of the farm animals, perhaps suggesting the finish line for the competing livestock.

For now, Tuesday has left the display alone, perhaps so that all may view her demonstration of farm activities.  Methinks that the display will not remain long; the native’s preferences and inclinations are subject to frequent change and often change abruptly.  Further observation is suggested and necessary; for now, though, I will investigate the destruction that Tuesday has caused in the tribal living area.


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