Day 98: Tuesday Enjoys Lake Water & Back Troubles

This past weekend, the tribal leader and the two natives and I journeyed on one last excursion to the large body of water north of the tribal abode.  Summer is indeed coming to a close and the dawn of the autumnal season is now upon us.  This being the case, the tribal leader opted to retreat once more to the tribal elders abode adjacent to the lake.

It was here that Tuesday determined that she was then ready to enter the large body of water for some recreational swimming entertainment.  Seen below, Tuesday first examined the water closely, as if contemplating whether the lake was at acceptable temperature for recreational bathing.  Upon her favorable opinion of the water, the tribal leader and I prepared her properly for swimming by applying proper swimming attire, for both her and ourselves.

Tuesday seemingly enjoyed the water, splashing and thrashing about, exciting her mirth.  This behavior lasted several minutes, until the teeth of the young native began chattering.  Noting this, the tribal leader and I removed Tuesday from the water, and swiftly dried her off.  It appears that though the young native was visibly chilly from her play in the water, she was indeed unfinished splashing about in the waters of the lake.  Nonetheless, we proceeded to work our way back to the tribal abode, by way of the public recreational equipment.  Seen below is Tuesday, atop of the recreational sliding equipment.  I must note, however, that of the three recreational slides available to her, Tuesday chose that which was tallest and with the most turns.  It appears that native is increasingly becoming a thrillseeker.

It has been nearly three days now that I have begun to exhibit pain in my lower back.  I cannot attribute the pain to any one activity or event in particular, however, it has become increasingly evident that the nature of the injury may be attributed to care of the natives.  The pain appears to be most difficult to bear in the early  morning, when rising from my slumbers.  This morning, and that of yesterday, I was unable to lift Tuesday out of the confines of her resting quarters nor was I able to assist her in being seated in her adjustable seating in the food preparation area.  Tomorrow I will see a local medicine man who specializes in treatment of posterior injuries.  Perhaps the pain will subside and I will be able to resume normal daily activities soon…


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