Day 99: My Trip to the Medicine Man and Flooding in Tuesday’s Resting Quarters

Today began with a much-needed appointment with a local medicine man that specializes in posterior injuries.  I had discontinued visiting the medicine man many weeks ago and it appears that the discontinuation has caused a detriment to my chiropractic health.  First, the medicine man implored me to attempt to bend and touch the appendages on my feet, at which task I was unsuccessful at accomplishing.  Next, he had me perform other movements that indeed caused great discomfort in the lumbar region of my posterior.  Noting this, the medicine man provided several different treatments, most of which were quite uncomfortable.  After applying heat to the area in question on my backside for several minutes, the medicine man dismissed me, imploring me to return two days hence for further examination and treatment.  To this very moment, I am still distressed at my posterior injury, however, I am in hopes that these tribal treatments may produce favorable results.

When I returned from my early morning visit with the medicine man, the tribal leader was caring for the natives.  Tuesday was carrying on back and forth in the tribal living area in just her disposable undergarment, which was peculiar behavior for the young native.  Upon my inquiry about Tuesday with the tribal leader, I learned that there appeared to be some minor flooding in the rambunctious native’s resting quarters last evening.  Inquiring further, I also learned that the flooding had been produced by none other than Tuesday herself.

Observations of the flooded scene included several small coverings, of particular interest to the young native, some larger coverings and a fitted cloth sheet which covered the soft resting platform on which Tuesday lays during her rest.  It appears that the disposable undergarment sprung a leak, sometime in the twilight hours, flooding the native’s resting quarters and several of her belongings.  Thinking back to the day prior, I recalled that the native did indeed consume many beverages before going to her slumbers.  Apparently, she did not dispel the liquid that she consumed prior to resting.  Thus, achieving the situation we are currently confronted with.

Swiftly, I gathered up the soiled items from the confines of Tuesday’s resting quarters and started the mechanical clothes washing apparatus.  Soon, the wash cycle was completed and I gathered the newly clean items for drying.  Hours later, the native’s coverings were once again clean and ready for use.

I will continue to monitor the native’s beverage intake and consequently ensure that this type of incident is prevented in the future.


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