Day 100: 100 Days of Observation & Tuesday Attempts to Walk a Mile in My Shoes

I have reached the one hundredth day in my observation with the tribe and its natives and feel that I am becoming closer with them.  The natives are exhibiting signs of acceptance of me into their tribal culture by delivering gifts and tokens to me and imploring me to often wear or use them.  I feel a sense of belonging with their kind, perhaps gaining ground on their language, mannerisms and customs.  Throughout the past hundred days, I have observed great skill in horseback riding, tribal furniture diving, consuming of sustenance and much more.  Both of the young natives have demonstrated the importance of a dry disposable undergarment as well as developing the gift for providing sustenance with extraordinary quickness.  Yes, these natives may have appeared barbaric and uncivilized in the early days of observation, however they are indeed wiser and more intelligent than previously thought.  I am in hopes that my observation will continue and learn more about these curious natives as they grow and develop.

Tuesday has shown a particular interest in foot coverings, of late.  The foot coverings in question need not be exclusive to her own feet, rather, she acquires any shoe in her vicinity and attempts to wear them.  Seen below is Tuesday, attempting to wear a pair of my summer foot coverings.  My foot coverings being larger than young native’s feet made it very difficult for her to gain any speed or walk in them without falling.  Her movement was more similar to a shuffle of sorts than taking steps.  The last photo shows Tuesday with one foot covering facing front, the other facing behind her, apparently a testament to how large the shoes were on her small native feet.  The foot coverings finally came to rest in the tribal living area and were discarded by the young native, perhaps as she had completed her journey in them across the tribal abode.

Today, Tuesday has shown great fascination in the magnetized decorations on the food cooling apparatus.  These items often disappear from the cooling apparatus to be later found throughout the tribal abode.  It is unknown at this time what the fascination is with these magnetized decorations, however, I surmise that this behavior will be ongoing.  Hopefully, the curious native will keep those magnetized items away from any computerized electronic devices.


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