Day 100: Wednesday Enjoys Eating AND Wearing Bananas…

With the rapid growth and development of Wednesday, the youngest native, I have noticed that the young native’s appetite has increased as well.  Thus, by request of the tribal leader, I have been providing Wednesday with a more solidified mixture in addition to her liquid sustenance.  The more solid mixture resembles a thick pudding and is available in a variety of flavors featuring indigenous fruits and vegetables.  Wednesday has consumed many of these flavors, of which, sweet potato and banana appear to be favorites.  Today’s escapade with feeding solid food to Wednesday went thus:

Upon seating Wednesday in her adjustable reclining chair in the food preparation area, she exhibited signs of being particularly famished.  A shame that the young native, at five months of age weighs in at a mere nineteen pounds, three ounces.  Completely wasting away for sure.  Today’s menu featured a banana flavored pudding type mixture, which the hungry native was quite agreeable to.  Thus, the feeding began.

The first couple of spoonfuls were slow being consumed, however, once Wednesday confirmed the flavor was indeed that of banana, she could not be served fast enough to her liking.  The sport in feeding Wednesday is derived from the manner in which she flails her arms during the feeding process.  A protective cloth is placed over her front, which fastens behind her head, a safe closure whereby natives of this age generally can’t undo the fastener.  As soon as I was prepared to serve the young native her helping, she would grab the cloth and insist on forcing it into her mouth as though trying to consume it.  Noting this behavior, I pulled the cloth down and proceeded with my previous intentions.  That’s when the hands became fully involved with the bananas.

Natives such as Wednesday have a tendency to insert their appendages into their mouth, causing everything in their radius to be covered with saliva or whatever material is inside the oral cavity.  Such was the case during this feeding, except instead of saliva, it was bananas.  Bananas on the protective cloth, bananas on her chin, bananas on her cheeks, bananas in her eye.  Yes, indeed, the native was quite successful in spreading bananas everywhere.

You will have to forgive me for not including an image of the incident; at the time, I determined it was more important to clean up the native and the immediate area.  Please note that an outfit change was not required at this time because the protective cloth had performed its function.

For now, both natives rest.  And I will attempt to perform some work myself…


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