Day 106: Tuesday Demonstrates the Art of Sneezing

The past few days with the tribe have consisted of renovation of the tribal living space, the frequent consumption of sticky fruit snacks and rambunctious activity from the eldest native, Tuesday.  Saturday the natives visited with the tribal elders, whilst the tribal leader and I went on an excursion on the large body of water to the north.  Sunday, the natives visited with another tribal elder who had not observed the natives first hand for several months.  During this period both natives have displayed normal tribal behavior, that is, exhibiting behavior as outlined above.

Yesterday, Tuesday began demonstrating the fine art of sneezing.  Yes, sneezing.  This behavior is apparently a learned behavior, for the demonstration went thus: From a different room in the tribal abode I began to hear Tuesday produce the following sounds: “Ahhh…Ahhh…Ahhchooo”.  This behavior continued repeatedly as she paraded around the tribal abode and until she was by my side.  It appears the young native has learned the finer points of the epic sneeze.  Perhaps Tuesday learned this behavior from the electronic media box and the programs that she chooses to view.  Whatever the case may be, the behavior is truly entertaining and humorous.

With her by my side, and not wanting to upset the young native by not responding in kind, I produced my own “epic” sneeze.  Much to my surprise, this excited the young native!  Figuring that an agreeable native was much better than a disagreeable one, I continued to sneeze…epically.  The native’s laughter was perhaps almost as entertaining and humorous as her sneezing imitation.  Soon, however, this subsided and normal behavior resumed.

Perhaps I will have to investigate this occurrence again in the future especially as Wednesday develops and is entertained by her elder sibling’s antics….


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